Karen "Sunshine" Wielinski


First, I promise to post more regularly to this blog! It's hard to believe that it has been a year since "One on the Ground" was published.  During that time, I had the opportunity to promote the book through talks and signings, and there have been many surprising connections.  One special event was a talk at the Dog Ears Bookstore in South Buffalo, which inspired the attached story.  By the...


I definitely have a soft spot for book sales. Nothing beats wandering around a room and being drawn to a particular book. Try doing that on a Nook! I stopped in the Clarence Library yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to find they were having a book sale. Several dollars later, I walked out with some great finds. I think my favorite is a book called "Homes," which matches excerpts from...


I am currently reading "The Boys on the Boat."  At one point boatbuilder George Pocock explained how as he studies the wood, it reveals more than a tree's age.  It tells "the whole story of the tree's life over as much as two thousand years.  Their thickness and thinness spoke of hard years of bitter struggle intermingled with rich years of sudden growth.  The different colors spoke of the...


Karen Weilinski is a freelance writer who has lived in East Aurora, New York since 2010. Along with the love of her daughters and grandchildren, her involvement in a local writing group continues to be a source of inspiration and strength to her.


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